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This page might not contain all my projects. You might find some more on GitHub or GitLab.


mekfont-logotype is my logotype font and can be found in use even on this very page! The heading above is one example thereof. Eagle-eyed spectators may also notice something funny in the copyleft notice in the bottom of the page. There may also be something curious going on on the main page of the site itself.

It's available on GitHub and includes a nice little generator written in Haskell that turns the set of glyphs into an SVG font. There's also a build tool dependent on FontForge that can convert it to more commonly usable formats.


meksysinfo is a system information script that shows a nicely formatted summary of the system it's run on.


Or just get it on GitHub.


rbt_prs is a robots.txt parser that could be useful if you want to respect others when making your bot. It's written in PHP and doesn't have any external dependencies. Note: fopen() should be allowed to download things.


Or just get it on GitHub.