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OMG, it's some Internet dude with a unique-ish nickname!

Wowza, it really has been a while!

As you may or may not have noticed, well, this site has been awfully quiet for the last four or so years. The sporadic update rate seems rather expectable for the foreseeable future as well.

Anyway, some new winds have been blowing as of late. I entered uni last fall and have been grinding away at some compumatationing scoience studies for almost a full year already! How time flies.

In completely unrelated news, I at least got my fancy shmancy logotype font into somewhat working order for the very first time in forever after a few days of grinding.

Also, who would've thought that SVG fonts don't work the way the spec claims them to? You cannot actually use arbitrary SVG shapes inside your glyphs and expect that to work. Instead you practically have to use the d attribute of the glyph element. Not a huge problem for someone whose glyphs are already only using path, right? They've even got the same format and commands for the d attribute!

Not exactly. You see, the Y axis is flipped. I was not exactly amused to find this out. Through these troubles I finally got a font that actually works and am happy about, so that's a plus!

If you wish, you can check it out here.

Also, Haskell is fun. Just throwing that out there. We also got some neat cult-like T-shirts from our Introduction to Functional Programming course that ran just this past Spring. They're quite neat.

the neato shirt

Novelty domains are always a bundle of joy. For any possible Finnish audiences, you might appreciate which was inspired by its mention in an IT-ankka -inspired IT-ankka comic (as in an IT-ankka not from the original author). Depicted on the landing page is the elusive startup-ankka. The exquisite artwork may soon be criminalized by the EU, so grab it while it's hot!